BigBrother's GM Application

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BigBrother's GM Application

Post  BigBrother on Fri Jul 02, 2010 11:19 pm

I think this might look familiar. How about you?

  1. IGN & Real Name:

    My in-game-name is BigBrother, my real name is Matthew.

  2. Time Zone & Location?

    I'm in the Pacific Standard Time Zone, I live in California, US.

  3. How often do you play?

    I play almost everyday, anytime I can play. I'm VERY ACTIVE NOW. SUPER ACTIVE. I play more than 10 hours a day... I shouldn't feel accomplished, but that's how much I play.

  4. Do you have any specality?

    Eh, I can't really do anything. Nothing that can really benefit to the server.

  5. How much in-game experience do you have?

    I've played the beta for Maple global. I've started playing private servers 4 years ago. I made my own private server(see below), but it failed very much. So, I just play other private servers.

  6. Ever been a GM before? Be honest, and if so please provide some proof:

    I've been a GM, in my own server... But, nothing more than that.
    I believe this is the site I made for my server, used freewebs. I say, it's terrible. I did it half-assed anyway. Feel free to look at it. I'm apparently the [Admin]Matt. This was just a little project I tried to do with my little buddies, we weren't really trying to do anything, and none of us could code. I tried to code, but I could never fully concentrate onto what I was trying to learn. Gosh, I feel some chills just thinking about how much I failed. Well, that's the past, very nice experience though. I'll look back to it if I ever try to make another server. But who needs another, when I have this server?

  7. How old are you?

    I am currently 17 years old. Birthday: October 30, 1992.

  8. Why do you wish to become a GM?

    I want to help this server become bigger. Not just some other server that's there. I've found probably 3 hackers without being a GM, I bet I can find more if I became one. I can help players, you know me, I can be very helpful when needed. You've known me, I can be very trustful, and trust is important. You can see that many other people will want to be a GM. Not that I'm saying I'm different from those people, I know how to be a GM, and can be a good one at times needed.
    But, fuck it, who cares about that shit anyway? That's probably what every other person that's going to be applying is going to say. Then, I guess I'm not different after all.

  9. Closing remarks, anything else you want to say:

There, you had to make me feel like a raging faggot. Why? I feel really pathetic now. I should not have posted this application.
Eh, I do not wish to become a GM just to play. I know you know me, I can be really helpful when needed.
Like I said, this might look familiar. I added some stuff. You can check to compare.

DAMN, these forums SUCK. HTML isn't allowed. That shit never turns on. I fucking HATE BBcode.
FUCK THIS BBCODE. I CAN'T MAKE THE SIZE SMALL, screw it, I'm not fixing it.
Deal with it. You can read it more clearly now.
Ah, you know what? Fuck it.

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Re: BigBrother's GM Application

Post  Equilibrium on Sat Jul 10, 2010 10:12 am

Howz bout you use your "Active" schedule on SeasonMS as a Moderator (Moderate people and make sure they aren't breaking the rules). If you get a position as a MOD, I expect you to do your job.



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