Training Guide

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Training Guide

Post  Kristie on Mon Jun 28, 2010 4:18 am

* Hello(: Have you ever felt like you were leveling slowly. Or you're new here and don't know where to begin? Well, this guide is here to successfully aid you to level higher regardless of what job you are! Especially if you are a magician or a job who is not very efficient as a melee attacker. Well, as of now when a character is created you are already level fifteen. So, from there on..

Keep in mind all your stats are 100/100/100/100! So, my advice would be to keep it for a while! Until you feel you are better without it! Because once you add 1 point to any attribute it makes it revert back to 4!

Level 15 - 30
o Wild Boar, "The Land of Wild Boar" - Perion **
o Brown Teddy/Pink Teddy, "Terrace Hall" - Ludibrium
** = Recommended by moi(:

Level 30 - 40
o Brown Teddy/Pink Teddy, "Terrace Hall" - Ludibrium **
o Mushmom if you're strong enough! - FM's 7 - 12
o Zombie Mushroom's & Horny Mushrooms -"Ant Tunnel", Sleepywood.
** = Recommended by moi(:

Level 40 - 50
o Mushmom, be defensive! Unless you find a party and kill mushmoms, or can afford Naricain's Demon Elixer or Subani's Magical Cauldron for Magicians! **
o Master Chronoes & Platoon Chronoes - Ludibrium *
** = Recommended by moi(:
* = Semi-recommended.

Level 50 - 60
o Mushmom, for mesos to purchase items! **
o Hoodoo/Voodoo in the Haunted Mansion. [Might be hard to find your way there.]
** = Recommended by moi!(:

Level 60 - 80
o Mushmom**
o Jr. Balrog! Make sure you are utilizing Naricain's/Subani's! Also enough HP!
** = Recommended by moi!(:

Level 80 - 120
o Jr. Balrog **
o Party with a few higher leveled people and Papulatus 2nd Form! o:
** = Recommended by moi!(:

Level 120 - 200
o Try killing Papulatus's Second Form with a party or solo if you can. These give a lot of experience and the faster you can kill them the faster it will be to rebirth! (: ***
*** = Do this! This is the best bet! (:
o Or summon a few bigfoots attack all of them with a area of range skill & click "Kill All Monsters." - FM's 7 - 12. ***** -- This is no longer available due to mass rebirthing and misuse of this.

-- This guide is mainly intended for those on their FIRST rebirth. Since, we all know the first rebirth is the most challenging right? (: Hope this helps! (:

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Re: Training Guide

Post  Boss on Tue Jun 29, 2010 3:22 pm

Nice guide.


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Re: Training Guide

Post  Equilibrium on Mon Jul 12, 2010 12:03 pm

Now make one for v75 Smile



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Post  YourBoy on Mon Jul 12, 2010 12:15 pm

is ver 75 out yet?


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Re: Training Guide

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