Thomas (GhostBusters)gm app!

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Thomas (GhostBusters)gm app!

Post  Thomas on Thu Aug 12, 2010 4:55 am


What are you applying for:

Thomas, but you can also call me Thom, if your lazy Tom...

16 years old.

Where do you live/Timezone:
I live in Ottawa / Timezone: Eastern (EDT).

How active will you be:
Hmm, I wake up at 8:00~9:00am, so I start playing at arround 10:00am and stop at arround 20:00~22:00pm.So I play arround 10~12 Hours a days.But sometime (really rare) I can play only 6 hour or less a day D:.

Email: (Feel free to add me)

Well, I am in a soccer league (rank:AA)I have 4 pratices and 1 match per week.I dont know if you care but we're ranked 4th on 18 teams Razz.I also play with my friends we go to the skate park sometimes or just they come at my home or the inverse.When I am on the computer I am playing to the server I made, msn and if I am chosen I will keep going on msn, but I will quit my server to play always to this private server.Outside of the computer I play to Call of duty:Modern Of warfar 2, WII sport(Am a beast at tenis) and sometime I play basket or hockey.

How you'd handle a hacker:
Depends of the grade of the hack,For me there's 2 grades.
1st:Wz.edit,Who cares if someone siting in the air but btw he/she should be temp ban.
2nd:Damage hacks,Trade hacks,fly hacks,he/she should be Perma ban!

If two people we're fighting, what would you do?:
First,I will tell them to shut up.
Second, I will tell to one of them (after the other) ''what's the problem''.
Third, If the problem is someone got scammed I will say to the person who got scammed ''Do you have proof (pic,video..)if he/she say no I will say ''that i can't do anything for you without proof'' and warn him that the next time he/she will take a mistakes like that to take some proof and I will keep an eye on the supposed scammer.

How many servers have you been a GM/Admin in?:
I have been a GM at pokemonMS (this server is the v75 of FarmerStory),celestialMS and I was intern at rydah.I dont know if its count but I am admin of the server I made
(only for me or if you wanna try it tell me (hamachi)).So with all this experience I learned codes,function,how to ban...

Why should we choose you:
I think you should choose me because I got a lots of Gm experience,I will give my 110% to make this server RANK:1 And I am very sociable,friendly and I like make people laught.So thats will make people like the server and make others to join it.You should choose me because I care about the server and I can be really helpful with my idea and my experience.Like I said I am the owner Of the server I made so I can resolve function problem or just help you on something about the server.

Reason I applied:
Rofl,Thats my favorite question.I applied, because I been gm in other server and it was nice to resolve problem, ban hackers, make events and more...But the things I loved it was when noobs comming to me and saying like ''Where can I buy ___?''and''Where do we get ___?'' thats make me smile, because I like when I give the example to other and I like when I just helped someone And thats why am applying!.

How can you contribute to the server?:
I can contribute to the server by my ideas.I got a lots of idea for the server that could make people join And I dont know if its a contribution but with my sociable + friendly personality i could make people enjoy people stay and make there invite more ppl!I can also contribute with my vote Razz.

Summary of yourself:
hmm I live in Ottawa,I play soccer,basket and sometime hockey, I am helpful,experienced,sociable but really strict when its needed.I can be funny and I like making people laught (well am doing my best for it).I was looking for a new server, I mean a new comunity so I found this one and I hope I will like it.Well now I like it,there's funny people and funny GMs.

Extra Info:
Well I am born in Moroco, at 4 years I Moved to Canada in north of montreal and at 10 years we went to Ottawa and I am still living there.So I talk Arabic,French,English and a little bit spanish.Sometime, my mom think I play too much and she say me to stop so she close the pc, But I can keep helping people in forum with my Ipod Touch Razz .

In game name:

Well, here's my app thanks for reading it. Smile


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Re: Thomas (GhostBusters)gm app!

Post  Equilibrium on Thu Aug 12, 2010 6:24 am

I really don't understand why people apply for a spot when they've never been on the server itself. On the other hand, we won't be needing ANY NEW GM'S until further notice.



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