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Jack's app

Post  Jack on Tue Aug 10, 2010 7:34 pm

if you can critic this equilibrium that would be nice even if i would not become a gm

What are you applying for: GM or super Gm

Name : Jack

Age : 15 and mature

Where do you live/Timezone: Tennessee, Central standard

How active will you be: i will make sure to get on every day, and be on as much as what is needed from me

E-Mail: xboredjackx@gmail.com

Hobbies : Skateboarding, playing soccer, xbox360,(yea i have an xbox lol) and hanging out with friends.

How you'd handle a hacker : this all depends on the hack, if the hack is maybe infinite text or such i would jail them or temp ban , if its something such as damage hack i would ban them, but if the owner or an admin is on i will alert them and ask them what they want done with the hacker. (no one would be banned or jailed without screenshot proof)

What Can You Do To Help The Server:i can of course ban hackers and patrol the server, but i can also help the players by answering their questions and helping them with various problems, and i can also search for various glitches or anything else of the sort. (i could try to help code npcs if scripts are provided, but i dont remember much about this, im not a good coder.)

If two people were fighting, what would you do? : i would get both of sides of the story from both players, each of them being in private with me so no arguing can take place, i would then check if their were an witness or such and then access the situation from there.

GM Experience(Show Prove):i was the co owner of ikkims, a co-owner in christianms, a gm in LatinMs and i also made my own server once(i never went public with this though). proof: www.ikkims.webs.com
https://www.youtube.com/user/faggotprodu ... NYFl2pCtFk . that is my old youtube page i have a christianms video and latinms video on there

Why should we choose you: simply because i have experience and have been in many of the situations that you come across as a gm before and because im a fun loving guy who can remain mature when it is needed.

Reason i applied: simply because i find it fun helping other players after having experience doing this before on other servers, and to help the server become a more enjoyable place.

Summary of yourself : im a mature 15 year old boy who loves to skate with friends and enjoys playing games and helping other people. (cheesy huh? lol).

Thank you.

note i have no played yet, but i am planning on it
id rather look bad by saying this than lie


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