Rules of SeasonMS

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Rules of SeasonMS

Post  Equilibrium on Sat Jul 10, 2010 1:15 pm

Straight Forward Rules:
- SMega Spam is not allowed. It'll cause lag.
- Spawning over 50 is not allowed, It'll cause lag.
- Hacking is not allowed. I Don't care whether its harmful or not. Hacking is not allowed.
- If you have .wz files that are edited, you better have some permission from Samer or Sean. If you are caught, you will be punished.
- Glitching anything in our server and you'll be given warnings. If it becomes habit, you will be banned.
- Fucking with a Game Master is not necessary. You will be given warnings to stop your idiotic behavior.
- Don't fucking leave monsters in the FM room when you leave. If you can't kill them, smega someone for help to assist you. You should be capable of knowing you can kill something or not. It'll be sad if you don't.
- Advertising = Instant ban. GTFO.
- Don't be a jerk and ks others. If anything, CC or share the map.

More will be added if necessary.



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